Important Dates

Until February 18, 2019 - participants register for the conference through the member’s personal account on the conference website.

Untill March 15 March 23, 2019 - the authors upload the papers in their personal account at the conference site.

The papers must follow template published at the conference site. In the title of the file write down: the name of the author who is making a presentation_the first word of the title of the paper, for example: Petrov_Problems, in .doc format.

Please note that the allowed length of the paper is 4 pages.

Untill April 8, 2019 - submitted papers will undergo peer review. The Organizing Committee will send a response confirming the acceptance of the paper for publication.

After receiving information on the acceptance of the paper, authors should:

Untill April 22, 2019 - pay for participation in the conference.

Untill June 17, 2019 - please send an e-mail to confirming the arrival of speakers and co-authors to the conference.